Healing Jewellery - Bracelet - Peace & Balance

Healing Jewellery - Bracelet - Peace & Balance

Handmade Healing chip bead bracelet; Perfect for enhancing your peace and balance energy. 


The healing stones featured on this bracelet are; Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Chinese Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate.


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Uniquely Designed & Handmade by 'Jah-Jah's Closet'



IMPORTANT NOTE; **Please be aware and understand that this crystal chip bracelet should NOT be used as a replacement of medical treatments or advice from a medical practitioner. Crystals and holistic treatments can be helpful to your overall wellbeing, but are not a promise to cure.**

  • This stretch bracelet is made up of the following crystals to enhance your peace and balance energy. 


    The healing stones used, and short description of how they help;


    • Amethyst - Most commonly used for peace, it brings calm, strength, inner peace and a relaxing energy. 


    • Blue Lace Agate - Restores balance to the mind when distracted with negative thoughts, and gives you peace of mind. 


    • Amazonite - Balances masculine and feminine energy to help you see both sides of a problem or point of view. 


    • Rose Quartz -  Restores self-love and encourages self-forgiveness. This allows inner peace to flow through you. 


    Bracelet to fit wrist:  7"