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Glitter 'Teardrop' Key-Ring - Smokey Quartz & Citrine Charm

Glitter 'Teardrop' Key-Ring - Smokey Quartz & Citrine Charm

Handmade Resin glitter key-ring with a one-off designed, handcrafted, bead wire charm featuring Smokey Quartz & Citrine crystal chip beads.


This key-ring & charm would make for a great gift to a friend or yourself. 




Uniquely Designed & Handmade by Jah-Jah's Closet


**Please be aware and understand that ALL crystal/gemstone proudcts proudced by Jah-Jah's Closet, should NOT be used as a replacement of medical treatments or advice from a medical practitioner. Crystals and holistic treatments can be helpful to your overall wellbeing, but are not a promise to cure.**

  • One-off designed key-ring, handmade with Epoxy Resin and Glitter colours to create this lovely glitter design.


    The handmade wire charm is handcrafted with black-plated copper wire, using Smokey Quaryz and Citrine crystal chip beads.


    Smokey Quartz and Citrine together, can be a great help when it comes to getting rid of blockages from a person’s spiritual path. This combination is also beneficial as it helps in improving metaphysical capabilities. They also both do not hold negative energies. 



    • Tropical Beach
    • #30 Glitter


    • Smokey Quartz
    • Citrine


    Key-ring Size: 2 cm

    Wire Charm Size: 5.5 cm

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