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Rose Quartz (Rough) - Wire Wrapped Pendant/Necklace

Rose Quartz (Rough) - Wire Wrapped Pendant/Necklace

Rose Quartz Crystal, hand-wrapped with black coloured Copper Wire.


ROSE QUARTZ - known as a romance stone or the 'Stone of Love', and can be used to attract love. Rose Quartz adds loving energy to relationships, bringing calm and peace.

Wearing Rose Quartz as a necklace keeps the stone close to your heart.


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Uniquely designed and handmade by Jah-Jah's Closet.


IMPORTANT NOTE: **Please be aware and understand that all crystal jewellery produced by 'Jah-Jah's Closet' should NOT be used as a replacement of medical treatments or advice from a medical practitioner. Crystals and holistic treatments can be helpful to your overall wellbeing, but are not a promise to cure.**

  • Rose Quartz rough crystal wrapped with black-plated copper wire to create a unique style pendant.


    Rose Quartz is best known as being a stone of unconditional love, and is believed to emit strong vibrations of love, joy and emotional healing. It is said to heal relationship problems, promote mutal understanding and encourage a compassionate and kind attitude. 

    It can increase self-worth, self-esteem and empathy. It helps with forgiveness, to soothe grief, and to strengthen love between partners.  

    Rose Quartz magnifies creativity and imagination. Its good for writing, art, and music. 

    • Chakras: Heart Chakra
    • Zodiac: Taurus & Libra
    • Planet: Venus
    • Element: Earth, Water


    Pendant Size: 1.5" x 2" (inch)


    Necklace Length: 23.5" - 25.5" (inches)

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