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Cleansing & Charging your Crystal Jewellery.

With the launch of my NEW Healing Crystal Jewellery Collection. I have created this short blog on how to cleanse and charge your crystal jewellery pieces to make sure that you are getting the best use out of them.

So, as I am now sharing my love of Crystals, and beautiful creations with all of you, I thought it would be best to give you all the information you need to Cleanse & Charge your Crystals!

Crystals naturally pick up energy from the environments they live in, but any traditional crystal cleansing method, which I will list below, will remove surplus energy that they have absorbed which is no longer needed.

The more you wear your crystal jewellery the more energy it collects through direct contact with you and your environment. If your jewellery feels energetically heavier than usual and disconnected from you, it is most likely time for a cleanse.

There are a few different options for both cleansing and charging, and I will list all the options that I'm currently aware of, below;


Crystals need to be cleansed when you work with them, either by yourself or with others, as they absorb energy from people and environments.

Crystals can also become visibly dusty. They lose their sparkle, brightness, and even colour when they are in need of a cleanse.

  • Running Water - You can hold your crystal under running water for a few minutes. Maybe longer if it's been working hard, or it hasn't been cleansed in a long time. (You can your crystals in Sunlight to dry them also, which another form of cleansing - See below)

  • Sunlight - You can leave your crystals in sunlight to absorb the sun's rays. BEWARE -- Quartz crystals will focus the suns rays and can be a fire risk. Never leave Quartz un-attended in the sunlight, and do not place it on or near any flammable objects.

  • Moonlight - You can leave your crystals in the moonlight, by leaving them outside, or on a window ledge. The best time to do this style of cleansing is during a full or new moon.

Sage Smugde Stick and Palo Santo
Sage Smudge Stick & Palo Santo
  • Incense - You can let Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Sage smoke waft over your crystal. You can use either Incense sticks or Smudge sticks. -- Smudge sticks are small bundles of herbs that can be burnt during cleansing rituals, the most popular being Sage. - When doing this, windows must be opened to allow the smoke to exit.

  • Earth - You can bury your crystal in the earth and leave it there for a moon cycle. Bury the crystal/s on a Full Moon, and unearth them at the New Moon.

Selenite Cleansing/Charging Plate
  • Other Crystals (Crystal Cleansing) - You can place your crystal on an amethyst bed or quartz cluster, or inside a geode crystal. You can also use a selenite slab, which is the option that I personally use to keep my crystal's cleansed. Do this for at least six hours to cleanse their energy. Selenite, Quartz and Amethyst all have the ability to cleanse and purify other crystals without losing their own energy, which makes them powerful cleansing agents.

  • Sound - You can clear your crystal of un-wanted vibrations by chanting or drumming. You can also use singing bowls as a good way to cleanse energy, or Tibetan bells.


The options that I personally use for cleansing my crystals are; Smoke cleansing with a Sage smudge stick, or keeping them on a Selenite plate.



You can charge your crystals when you feel as though they are losing their energy, or at least once a month to make sure they stay high vibe. Although it is recommended that you use your intuition as much as possible.

To charge your crystal jewellery with your desired intention, you need to spend some time with it;

  1. Start by just looking at your jewellery piece and noticing the shapes, colours, and plays of light on your crystals/beads.

  2. Hold your crystal or bracelet in your hands, put it close to your heart.

  3. Now clear your mind of all and any negativity. Meditate with your jewellery for about 5 minutes.

  4. Choose your intention for the jewellery piece, and focus on this intention. You can either repeat this to yourself out loud, or in your head, like an affirmation. (Affirmation/Intention Example; "I now charge my crystal bracelet with the energy of money and financial abundance. Thank you universe for all the money in my life).

  5. Repeat your intention whilst visualizing a sparkling white light connecting your heart to your jewellery piece. Continue repeating your intention/affirmation until you feel a deep connection to your jewellery piece.

You can repeat this intention setting process every time you start to feel disconnect from your jewellery piece.

Here's a clip of how I cleanse my Crystal Pendants using Sage Smoke.

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